Business Consciousness®


          Business Consciousness® is a system and a process for awareness in business that ultimately creates a better world for all. This process of recognition, understanding, evaluating, and incorporating changes in business practices results in more service and value for individuals, businesses, and society. This system can chart at what broad level of consciousness a business is operating in a given point in time. We can then apply the process to gain greater consciousness as often as we like.

          The condition or power of perception and awareness is commonly referred to as “consciousness.” There are many states of awareness, and consciousness can be modified as: the individual consciousness, the intellectual consciousness, and the God consciousness. Within all of us exists the sum of many different types of consciousness, with each person’s consciousness being as unique as each face in the world. When we begin to understand we can take consciousness and examine it in this way, we can then appreciate how each person is uniquely able to contribute his or her own special gift to the world.

          It reveals itself in the choices we make, the experiences we have, the life we live and even the work we perform. The higher this consciousness, the more we can “become” and the more we can give back to the world. When we live this way, we experience greater joy, satisfaction, and even success.